In approximately 3 hours (from the comfort and privacy of your own home), absolute beginners will conquer their fear of the dance floor with a simple, non-judgmental, step-by-step system to build confidence and have fun at social events - including parties, weddings, clubs, work functions, and any dance floor! 


Imagine...knowing exactly what to do when the music plays, no longer feeling stiff or self-conscious, and confidently owning your space on the dance floor to have FUN!

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You feel too stiff, awkward, or self-conscious on the dance floor
  • You get distracted by other people when you have tried to learn to dance
  • Sometimes “liquid courage” is the only go-to remedy that will get you to dance in public 
  • You have given up believing you will ever be able to dance
  • You are tired of waiting for someone to ask you to dance 
  • You had a mean music and/or dance teacher that said you didn’t have rhythm or were not coordinated enough
  • You would love a simple beginner dance system (that doesn’t judge you) to build your confidence, find the beat, coordinate your body, blend in, and have fun!

You are born to dance. Yes, YOU!

First things first. What is dance anyway? 

Essentially, it is moving your body in a way that goes with the rhythm and style of music. You have a body designed to can totally do this! 

One of the BIGGEST mistakes some people make is believing that learning how to dance is complicated; it doesn’t have to start off that way. HOW TO SURVIVE ON THE DANCE FLOOR™ is a simple, non-judgmental, step-by-step system that helps you to reclaim your birthright to dance.

Click here to view a 4:24 minute sample from MODULE 2 - GET ON & STAY ON THE DANCE FLOOR: "STEP TOUCH"

Wedding coming up oh-so-soon?

Holiday office party on the horizon?

Family or high school reunion looming?


  • It’s simple, bite-size, and efficient. In approximately 3 hours, you learn a range of “survival” steps, get more connected to your body, and gain confidence to get on and stay on any dance floor. 
  • No partner is required. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel more comfortable in your own skin first? Once you do, learning dance styles that involve another person is so much easier.
  • No one will judge you. Dance is a sacred act in my world and I wouldn’t judge you even if we were in the same room. With this video series, you get to learn and practice from the comfort – and privacy - of your own home. You really can dance like no one is watching, because, well, no one is.
  • Anti-aging for your body and brain! Need I say more? Dancing offers all the benefits of exercise and works out your brain too. Learning how to dance will open your world to movement possibilities that are so much more fun than linear repetition. 
  • You increase your chemical-free options to feel good now! When you reconnect with your rhythm and get the basic steps down, you can feel more free to be YOU. This natural high is a powerful form of internal medicine. 
  • You come home to your body. It is where you live, isn’t it? Your body and its intelligence can save your life. The more you hang out in your inner world, the more health and happiness you can experience. Dance is a powerful bridge back home.

“I learned exactly what I needed to be more comfortable and (yes!) have a great time on the dance floor at social events. Because of your program, I realized that I don’t need to bring a dance partner or know a lot of complicated steps to enjoy the dance floor. I’d highly recommend this class for all the people who are missing out on this vital (and fun!) part of their social life.” 

-Jesse, Age 30, Memphis, TN

In this simple 5-module system, you will learn: 


As a human being, your body is in constant motion, rhythmically managing your internal equilibrium. Once you remember your true nature, the rest of learning how to dance is easier than you think.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • How to feel a range of natural rhythms from the inside out that will dispel any myths that might say you are challenged in this area.
  • To finally find the beat and increase your counting consciousness. 
  • How to amplify your listening skills and make music your friend on the dance floor.
  • A centering dance step that will keep you moving on the dance floor even when you don’t know what song is going to be played next!


Once you can find the beat and reclaim your rhythm, it is time to learn a range of basic “survival” dance steps to move you onto the dance floor, stay there, and have fun! 

In this module you’ll learn:

  • A foundational dance step that you can do in the middle of the action or on the sidelines if you need more time to gather your courage.
  • How your feet are architecturally designed to keep you grounded, connected, and steady.
  • A simple introduction to speed and rhythm variation beyond the 1-2 count.
  • Three simple dance steps that will give you the freedom to move beyond one spot on the floor.


Discover how to “speak” dance and be empowered to be creative instead of confused by complicated memorization. Learning the language of dance illuminates the endless possibilities of self-expression. 

In this module you’ll learn:

  • The secret to being creative on the dance floor without getting stuck in your head.
  • How to “speak” the language of dance - it is way less complicated than learning English, or any other language.
  • How to magically transform 2 dance steps into 10 by changing one simple element!
  • To trust your instincts and impulses that will deepen your connection to your body, your self, and YOUR creative process.

“I’ve never known how to move my hips before. I was always too stiff. This program taught me to loosen up.”

Cheryl, Age 56, Providence, RI


Do you move as a three-dimensional entity or do you feel closer to a sandwich board, made of just a front and back? Or perhaps you just live from your neck up? Good news! Whatever your connection to your body is, remembering how to move your hips will not only help your dance floor confidence, it will also remind you of your amazing movement potential AND improve your health!

In this module you’ll learn:

  • How the amazing anatomy of your hips allows you to not walk like a cowboy (unless you feel like it).
  • How to liberate your hips for the dance floor as well as remedy chronic sitting ailments!
  • Simple movements as well as how to take the mystery out of doing a figure 8 with your hips. 
  • Literally connect to the center of your body for greater balance as well as a range of health and wellness benefits.


Now that you know some basic dance steps for your legs and hips, what to do with your arms and avoid flailing? Fortunately, moving your arms is not complicated. In fact, the simpler, the better. 

In this module you’ll learn:

  • That less is more, especially with your arms.
  • Basic anatomy and how your arms are actually attached to your back. Practicing this awareness will reduce upper shoulder tension too!
  • How your arms can really come along for the ride once you remember that they are attached to your body.
  • Three simple go-to movements to remedy looking stiff, a scarecrow, or an awkward puppet.

“What I liked best about your program was YOU and how you presented the material. I learned how to feel more comfortable on the dance floor and that has bolstered my confidence. Our daughter’s wedding was beautiful and we had a great time dancing. We truly enjoyed the lessons, learned a lot, remembered the steps, and looked pretty good on the dance floor.”

Mary, Age 42, Fall River, MA


In approximately 3 hours, you will conquer your fear of the dance floor with a simple, non-judgmental, step-by-step system to build confidence and have FUN at social events and any dance floor!


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To make it even easier, and to support your learning, you will also receive:

BONUS #1: How to Survive on the Dance Floor(TM) Warm Up Video

  • Gentle stretches for the whole body to use before and/or after practice
  • Subtle warm up tips to use at a social event

BONUS #2: Social Dance Do’s and Don’ts PDF Handout

  •  How to dance like no one is watching, when people really are
  •  Own your space and avoid being stepped on, or being the step-er
  •  More!

MEGA BONUS: LIVE 60-minute VIRTUAL CLASS that includes brief review of material and Q&A (Date TBA)

To Sum Up, How to Survive on the Dance Floor™ program includes:

  • 10+ Videos between only 10-20 minutes in length for easy learning that guide you through all of the How to Survive on the Dance Floor(TM) content
  • Approximately 3 Hours Total, more if you want additional practice
  • LANGUAGE OF DANCE pdf Handout to support your learning in Module 3: Turn One Step into Many  
  • WARM UP VIDEO to take care of your body before and after dancing practice 
  • SOCIAL DANCE DO’S & DON’TS pdf Handout for more fun and less stress!  
  • Plus, access to a LIVE VIRTUAL CLASS (TBA)
  • Giving this as a gift? We've got a lovely gift certificate (1 page pdf) all ready for you to email or print out and give to your lucky recipient!

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